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Withdraw Your Money from Paypal instantly using Paypal debit card from any ATM Booth around The Bangladesh, Make Online Payment Using International Master Card From Bangladesh.
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Paypal is the most widely used payment system on the Internet. Unfortunately Paypal does not support Bangladesh. This means that talented Bangladeshi freelancers and other indivisuals are facing problem to send and receive money via paypal. In my own experience, most of buyers wants to pay with paypal because of flexibility and simplity.



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Anyway, Now we have two verified paypal account. One Personal and one business account with multi access. My Personal account is verified by Prepaid International Master Card. And the Premier account is verified by US Bank account. I have so many clients all over the world and they pay me with paypal. Every month I get about USD-3500 to USD-4500 from Outsource. I have a team with five of friends, they are working with me. But another painful is withdrawing money using paypal. At First I was transferred my money to my US virtual Bank account (with help of my uncle who lives in USA) than He Transfer it again to my Bangladeshi Bank account or using Moneygram western union etc. It was a complex process and I was getting only BD Tk. 63-64 per USD. But Now I have a solution- we can withdraw our money instantly same day using Paypal debit card from any ATM booth in Bangladesh. Some of my friends also using my paypal account to get the money. But it is the great that about 50-60% of the total amount I can re-use directly from paypal by selling Domains, Hosting, licencesed software etc.

We are lagging behind as our country does not support paypal or paypal does not allow Bangladesh.  I have launched to inspire all other freelancers and online business owner around the Bangladesh. I am a programmer and one of the young Web Entrepreneur in Bangladesh who loves all things business, internet and technology and the owners of so many online businesses. Also If you are planning to start online business or if you got an idea you can share with me.
Always remember - Money never starts an idea. It is always the idea that starts the money :) Feel free to call me (01671262626), write me ( or stay connected with me via social media- (

Miah Md. Razib

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